About Department

The department of Mechanical Engineering was inaugurated in the year 2011, with in-take of 60 seats and in the year 2013 the no of seats extended to 120. Mechanical Engineering is the mother of all the Engineering disciplines. Mechanical Engineers can work in a wide range of industries: Aerospace, Automobile, Civil, Electronics, Manufacturing and Process Industries. The demand for Mechanical Engineers has been high and relatively stable, because it is less affected by recession in any single industry.

Mechanical Engineers also find many employment opportunities in other areas of engineering where their key skills play important roles. Transferable skills such as simulation, problem solving, design, management and modelling, enable a significant proportion of graduates to follow alternative careers in high level technology.

The course curriculum prepares the students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The course was backed by state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities. The students are introduced to a wide choice of materials, selection criteria and the design of machines and mechanisms, computer systems and packages like AutoCAD, ANSYS, Pro/E, CATIA softwares. Besides this, more attention is paid in training the students to operate the machines and systems independently by a team of highly qualified faculty who are specialized in thermal, design, production and industrial engineering.


To impart quality education to the students and enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive Mechanical Engineers. To conduct industry oriented training for the students to make them understand the present modern technologies.


To be globally recognized in providing mechanical engineering education, producing well-qualified engineers who are innovative, immediate contributors to their profession, successful in advanced studies and serve the society.


To create employable and entrepreneurial engineers with academic excellence, communication skills, leadership qualities and who are useful to the Family, Society and Nation.


Long Term Goals :
  • To upgrade the laboratories towards research activities.
  • To develop the department as a Centre of Excellence in the areas of Manufacturing and Design.
Short Term Goals :
  • Motivate all the faculty to adopt the latest techniques in teaching and learning process.
  • Encourage the II & III year students to undergo industrial training.
  • Encourage the II, III & IV year students to present papers in students’ Paper Presentation Contests.
  • Encourage Teaching and Technical Staff to pursue higher education.
  • Motivate and encourage each faculty members to present / author a technical paper / book per year.
  • Plan for good placement and Higher education.

PEO's & PO's

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Mechanical Engineering Program Students will be able to:
  • Cater to the needs of Indian as well as multinational industries.
  • Be competent with strong technological background to analyze data, formulate and undertake industrial problems and obtain viable solutions.
  • Make successful career in industry / research / higher Studies.
  • Be life-long learning and should be able to work on multi-disciplinary projects.
  • Be Competent for effective communication, in management and in professional skills and ethics.
  • Programme Outcomes (POs)