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Rev.Dr.P.Yesu Ratnam is the President and Founder of the Organization. Service and help are required to those who are suffering from want, fear or other inability. Some people cannot get even food and clothes because of poverty. Those who have plenty have to help such people. In times of accidents or natural calamities people need several kinds of help. Man is described as a social animal. This means that he lives in company of others – Family, Caste, Group, Society, Nation etc. So if a part of this group suffers, the others have to render help. Children are taught to do a good turn a day. Thus they learn to serve others.There are several ways to doing service.Only one should try to understand the doing service.


Rev.Dr.P.Yesu Ratnam is the President and Founder of the organization. He was born in 1953 and had done Doctor in Divinity. He had strong desire to uplift the poorest of the poor with this desire, he started Organizing a number of social events. He received district awards from the District Collector Six Times for social services which involved in Super Cyclone Relief in Orissa and distributed emergency relief material worth of Rs.21 Lakhs to effected families. He also received State Awards from the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Red-Cross Society honoured Three times for conducting blood donation camps and donating blood.